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#307 - MCU Lows, CostCo Challenge

5 minute read

Motto: Dr. Jan ItorFollow through... follow through is the topic I want to talk about for this Column.Actually let's talk about something else.It goes withou...


2 minute read

Motto: Think Outside the Box, but Color Inside the LinesThe title of this post is not a reference to the Super Bowl. I didn't watch it. I have heard how it w...

#305 - Sketch Comedy

6 minute read

Motto: I Guess Ryan Gosling is OkayThis year I am back to my 30 Day Challenges. They bring a variety to life that I quite enjoy. I missed the feeling that th...

#304 - 2017 is a Prime Number

1 minute read

Motto: New Year, Same General IdeaThere's not much time to write this. My laptop is dying. It's already fairly late.Last year my resolution was to run 12 "ch...