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Recent posts

#302 - The Bones of a Column

1 minute read

Motto: Hey Google, tell me about my dayI'm just going to post this as is - everything in italics is how my Posts start, before I fill them out with words.Goo...

#301 - A Lot on My Mind

3 minute read

Motto: I'm Here to Make a BargainI have had a lot on my mind lately. An almost inexplicably large amount for a person whose so far into the steady-state port...

#300 - Short & Sweet

2 minute read

Motto: THIS IS SPARTAI've written 300 of these. That's a round number which seems significant. It's not, though. If humans had 12 fingers instead of 10, I'd ...

#299 - Homegym + Andromeda + Luke Cage

2 minute read

Motto: Upon this rock, I will build my church.If the motto is sacrilegious, I apologize. I'm not referencing Matthew 16:18, I'm referencing Ultron. Ultr...