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Recent posts

#299 - Homegym + Andromeda + Luke Cage

2 minute read

Motto: Upon this rock, I will build my church.If the motto is sacrilegious, I apologize. I'm not referencing Matthew 16:18, I'm referencing Ultron. Ultr...

#298 - Same Old, Same Old, Different New

6 minute read

Motto: WHOA IS ME!This Column will have some of the same old stuff I usually talk about presented in the same old ways. It will also have some different new ...

#297 - Building Stuff/Aaron’s Desk

3 minute read

Motto: Mr. Handy Man CanMy grandpa was a carpenter. My dad builds stuff. It turns out I build some stuff too.Am I great? No.Am I capable?Arguably.My who...


3 minute read

Motto: WELCOME TO MY NATION OF ARTICULATIONI'm an adult, dude.I'm sitting at the table in my kitchen, the one that used to be my only table. I own a table. I...