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#288 - Everything is Awesome

3 minute read

Motto: and now, for something completely different!My wife's name is Melissa. She and I met 6 3/4 years ago at KU in training for our new job. I was fairly r...

#287 - Re: LAX (don’t do it)

3 minute read

Motto: This post started so positive, then went down in flamesI wrote the majority of this post a week ago, but then lost internet connectivity and had to pu...

#286 - Meet Me in St. Louis

2 minute read

Motto: What's Left to Write? (this is a very similar pun to the one I made 4 Columns ago, sorry)I'm writing this from a hotel in St. Louis. Melissa and I are...

#285 - Batman Vs Superman Vs the Trailers

4 minute read

Motto: :-(21 hours ago I walked into a theater to watch one of the most anticipated movies... ever. The levels of hype varied from source to source - but all...