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Recent posts

#24 - Practice

1 minute read

Motto: Practice makes perfect.I am officially back home. I’m not sure for how long, though. I am here until after Melissa gets home and I can do some soul se...

#23 - A Well-Documented Life

2 minute read

Motto: Don’t eat an apple a day. Doctor visits are necessary.Since my birthday (2 days ago) I’ve started doing 2 new things: First, I started writing in a “5...

#21 - My Last Summer’s Last Week

1 minute read

Motto: Short and Sweet.The last summer of my life is coming to a close. I know this because the lease on the apartment I’m in is about up. We are moving out ...

#20 - Metawriting

2 minute read

Motto: Knowledge comes from experience. Experience comes from doing things.You like that motto? I thought of it myself. It actually has been my motto over th...