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Recent posts

#13 - and he said “Yes” and it was good.

1 minute read

Motto: Three days in…I have been taking this “Yes” thing more seriously than I expected. So far I haven’t turned down an opportunity, invitation, or suggesti...

#12 - Yes Man, Top 5 Apps

3 minute read

Motto: Say “Yes” MoreRecently, I have pulled together the messages from different movies, stories, books, and cliches into a new self-manifesto. I am vowing ...

#11 - Good weekend and notes

3 minute read

Motto: I keep looking up the definition of insanity, it always says the same thingI’m back in Lawrence. Worked out yesterday in the most “old-fashioned” way ...

#10 - Quick. Then Redone.

1 minute read

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#9 - Visions of a Googley Future

3 minute read

Motto: My own personal JarvisI read a fascinating article this morning making predictions about Google’s upcoming developer conference: Google I/O. At this c...