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#18 - XKCD, DRM, other letters

4 minute read

Motto: What Would Clint Eastwood Do?<div style="margin-bottom: .0001pt; margin: 0in;">Randall Munroe is the newest addition to my list of heroes. He is...

#17 - Amy’s Wedding

2 minute read

Motto: Upping the Entertainment Value for My Lovely AudienceAs per usual. I have all of the rest of this column done already (the motto, top 5, and quote are...

#16 - Crackers & Aging

1 minute read

Motto: Thunder Buddies for Life First off, I feel its necessary to give you an idea of what is going on right now: I'm not doing anything. Now that you're ...

#15 - Jelly Bean

3 minute read

Motto: My phone is running Android 4.1, you jelly?There is no target audience for this post. Unless you care about the new android update intensely, you shou...

#14 - Indiana, probable home of Ricky Bobby

4 minute read

Motto: Hoosier Daddy?I went to Indiana this weekend. It was good.Anyway, on to other things…Not really. More about Indiana. I had never made a trip like that...