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Recent posts

#33 - One Week of Work

3 minute read

Motto: I sat in the theater of Looper with a camera. I looked at myself in the camera and watched myself watching myself watch myself watch Looper.Life is to...

#32 - Work in the Morning

1 minute read

Motto: The next step. (watch yourselves, he’s all deep and stuff)I can now say something that I’ve been simultaneously looking forward to and dreading for th...

#31 - Kansas City

1 minute read

Motto: Movin on up.Since the last update I moved to Kansas City. Since I moved to Kansas City I’ve spent an inordinate amount of money on rent and furnishing...

#29 - The Wait (Irishfest, Tech Factionism)

6 minute read

Motto: Aaron Go Brag (somewhere else)The motto is my Anglicised form of Erin Go Bragh. Which apparently truly Irish people don’t say, or at least don’t spell...