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Recent posts

#53 - Bullet Points and Gifs

3 minute read

Motto: The movie “Big Fish” sucked.I don’t want to start the column off with a downer, so how about a short joke? What’s brown and sticky? A stick. Now t...

#52 - The Man with the Golden Phone Number

3 minute read

Motto: This Motto isn’t Orange, it’s Golden.Yesterday a few things happened. My new Nexus 4 became my official “make calls on” phone. My Galaxy Nexus went to...

#51 - Turn It Up to Eleven

3 minute read

Motto: Purity is in the eye of the column writerLast night I was looking through the column on my (old) Galaxy Nexus using the Google Currents app. Currents,...

#50 - Odd Happenings & Pretentiousness

3 minute read

Motto: Randall Munroe is my hero.Yesterday I got stuck on the elevator in my building. I was trapped, alone in a 4x6 cell for 45 minutes. The worst part of i...

#49 - Full of Nerd

4 minute read

Motto: Nerds rule the world.The other day I hopped on the elevator at my apartment/condo complex and something statistically unlikely happened. Two more gent...