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#63 - Creativity, Autopilot, Racists

5 minute read

Motto: Original, PleaseThe first thing I’d like to talk about in today’s column relates back to Column #61 - Movie Mode. It concerns creative output and it o...

#62 - No Facebook, Phonetic Alphabet, Pride

7 minute read

Motto: Aesthetic, Aesthetic, Rho, Owe, No, Gary, Me, Larry, Larry, Ewe, Site, Pneumatic, Me, EweI have a plan for this post, so it might be more coherent tha...

#61 - Movie Mode

3 minute read

Motto: Throwing Everything Possibly Deep at a Wall to See What SticksThis weekend was dedicated to me. Aaron took a weekend for Aaron - probably undeservedly...

#60 - 184 days, in 4 minutes

6 minute read

Motto: 6 Months Down, Six Months to GoI have a lot of time to kill before I can put a wrap on this post. I just started the render for the updated version of...

#59 - Blog Update about a Blog Update

2 minute read

Motto: The times, they are (not) a changin’It’s already a half hour past when I told myself I’d be going to sleep. I am not tired. That could be because I’ve...