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Hi. I'm Aaron. Welcome to my website. I'm glad you're here.

I write and create things to entertain and inform... mostly myself. I don't sell anything. I'm not here to make money. I'm here to enjoy myself; and I hope you do too. See what I'm up to now.

Main Attractions

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Recent posts

#381 - Atomic Habits Review

  4 minute read

Oh hey. I’m writing. I’m also watching “Frozen” for the first time in forever. Disney Plus is incredible and an absolute no-brainer as a person with a very y...

#380 - Quick Simple List of Good Habits I Suck At

  2 minute read

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I have had a lot of heavy trains of thought in that time. Daunting ones that would take a lot of time and energy to wri...

#378 - Apple Ecosystem

  6 minute read

Last November I bought an iPhone. I spent much of the previous 10 months adapting to both it and the Apple ecosystem. If you had my browsing history (say, fr...