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Recent posts

#323 - Remembered Stuff I Forgot

3 minute read

Motto: I Forgot to RememberLast time I wrote about stuff I had been putting on the back burner for a while. I forgot this stuff.SCIENCE AND HUMANITY AND STUF...

#322 - Fixing Sports, Definitions, Pictures

4 minute read

Motto: DC, KC, ABQ, and stuffPart of the reason I don't write "Features" all that much anymore is that they take me a LONG time, and they push out other thin...

#321 - Stocks, GoPro, Nintendo Switch

6 minute read

Motto: I wanted to Share this with youThe Stock Market doesn't make any sense, I can't believe it's a thing. It seems to me like a form of gambling, tha...

#320 - My 28th Year

less than 1 minute read

Motto: 365 Out of 31536000 Seconds Last Year Let's get right to it. I've been doing that for 5 full years now. It would take 40+ minutes to watch all 5 ...

#319 - Limited Choices

5 minute read

Motto: Let the Chips Fall Where They MayI have ecosystem anxiety. A long time ago, I jumped into the Google ecosystem with both feet. I even went so far...