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Recent posts

#343 - The Parable of the Rowing Machine

4 minute read

Motto: Everybody Needs a HobbyI have put a lot of the three major resources into crafting a home gym. I'm proud of it and it's one my favorite things about m...

#342 - Time, Energy, Money (mostly time)

3 minute read

Motto: It Makes a Fool of Us AllLife seems to me like a series of choices about what to do with your resources. Mostly those resources fall into energy, time...

#341 - Aaron Explains Income Tax

less than 1 minute read

Motto: GET READY FOR FINANCE, BABYTaxes are needlessly confusing. At least that's how I always found them to be. Some relatively simple jargon like "deductib...

#340 - Definition Vs Usage

4 minute read

Motto: I don't know why she swallowed the flyI'm literally not talking about the widely-recognized abuse of words like "literally". This is less of a Buzzfee...

#339 - Five Years Tracked

5 minute read

Motto: Gentleman on the Streets, Freak in the Spreadsheets The Life Tracker. It was never given a better name - but it started with a worse name. If y...