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#353 - Lyrics to No Song + Hollow Knight

3 minute read

Motto: This is Shooting-From-The-Hip Poetry at Its NothingestBefore we start - expectations be framed.Each bits of this is self-contained. I've wri...

#352 - Make Stuff

2 minute read

Motto: Hamburgers are Fun on a BunFile this Column under "Aaron tells other people what they should be doing", which I realize is too common of a theme.You k...

#351 - Self Help (Yourself)

5 minute read

Motto: Make HappyI write the first half of this Column from a position of privilege. Actually I write every Column from that position, now tha...

#350 - Griffin

2 minute read

As a Father: THE THERMOSTAT IS NOT TO BE TOUCHED  On 8/8/18, Griffin was born. I was born on 8/1/88, which is his birthday backwards. I think ...