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Hi. I'm Aaron. Welcome to my website. I'm glad you're here.

I write and create things to entertain and inform... mostly myself. I don't sell anything. I'm not here to make money. I'm here to enjoy myself; and I hope you do too.

Main Attractions

This website is hosted by GitHub Pages, utilizing the Minimal Mistakes theme with almost no retooling.

Recent posts

#242 - Feature: The Life Tracker

  9 minute read

Motto: This Column May Set a Record for the Greatest Number of "I" Uses. Not proud. This Column is going to take a deep dive “Inside Baseball”. Moreso t...

#241 - Colorado Vacation

  2 minute read

Motto: I Might Be Inclined <div>Melissa and I are back from vacation. It was great.I’m sitting at the table. It’s late at night. Melissa is grading. Th...

#240 - Not in My Experience

  3 minute read

Motto: I'm going to call Ratcatcher to trash this Copper <div>This is likely the last post I will write before Melissa and I go on our vacation to...

#239 - 1 Down… Many to Go

  3 minute read

Motto: You Can Survive Anything for Just 10 Seconds! <div>Melissa and I went on our first real bike ride yesterday. We went on a 2.92 mile jaunt around...

#238 - Print “#238”

  1 minute read

Motto: Zen Mode Engage<div>I have decided to learn more about computer science. I’ve done some “coding” for several years, but it’s pretty much always ...