#54 - Morning After Christmas

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Motto: 364 days until Christmas!

I’m writing you this right now from the couch in the living room in my parent’s house, laying on my back, using my tablet. Christmas was technically yesterday, but I haven’t went to sleep yet. The whole presents thing happened roughly 14 hours ago. All-in-all, of was a great time. I was very happy I got to spend some time with the family. Also - I got to spend some time with my girlfriend’s family; which is very important to me as well. In both instances, card games, boards games, and good food was had all the way around.

Also, I got paid just the same amount as I’d I had went to work.

You really can’t ask for a better time than that. It was perfect.

The point of view of the Catan grand champion Some other things I’ve been thinking about lately: 8.53792 = Pie … because … 3.14159 * 2.71828 = 8.53792 The column is fantastic because it let’s me share a diverse set of creative output. This includes, but is not limited to, thoughts, stories, research, pictures, drawings, video, audio, poetry, jokes, and/or whatever else I can think of. It’s a great catch-all. I was shown by my lovely girlfriend how the “tags” feature works on Blogger… So I might go through and tag my old posts and all future posts if they include any of the things mentioned in the last bullet point. I have been considering a change to a MonoScript font for the column. There’s some nerd-appeal to it for me. Life is good.

Top 5: Christmas Moments

  1. Hanging out with Melissa’s family. I enjoy their family dynamic as a great supplement to my own. They are good fun.
  2. Getting presents - let’s be honest here.
  3. When I won my first and second games of Settlers of Catan ever.
  4. Learning and playing several new games - Backseat Drawing, Scattergories Categories, and Buzz Word.
  5. When my sister, whose never played poker before in her life, beat 5 very competitive people who’ve played a fair amount of poker in the past.


“I was going to get you a poster to decorate your apartment; but I couldn’t find one of Justin Beaver” My mother (for the record, I am very proud that she doesn’t know Justin Bieber’s name)