#53 - Bullet Points and Gifs

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Motto: The movie “Big Fish” sucked.

I don’t want to start the column off with a downer, so how about a short joke? What’s brown and sticky? A stick. Now that we’re all happy, I’m going to list off a few things that annoy me: · Windows that you can’t resize on your computer. I can understand in some circumstances why some windows aren’t resizable. Creating a sleek and scalable UI takes time and skill, for smaller portions of the program, there may not be a good reason to do so. I’m okay with a settings menu that isn’t resizable. What I’m not okay with is a “choose a file from your computer” window that isn’t scalable. When your program tells me to pick a picture out of my picture library that literally contains thousands of pictures, it BETTER not restrict me to seeing two thumbnails at a time. · People or companies that try to sell you things online, then include only 3 or 4 low quality pictures of the item. Even worse – when they include ONE picture, and when you click on the picture to “see a bigger size”, it opens up a big new window, then shows the same tiny picture in the middle of it. If you are going through the trouble of making a product, the least you could do is go through the trouble of putting representative imagery online. I was looking at bookbags online for my girlfriend (whose travelling abroad soon) and the product images were always “exterior only” shots. What person would want to see IN the STORAGE portion of the BAG they are trying to buy, anyway? · I have a burn or a cut or something on the roof of my mouth. It would heal if I could just stop tonging it. I am naming it Marla. · Pinky toes. They only exist to get stubbed. In positive news: · I was listening to Pandora the other day on my Android tablet. I pulled up a YouTube video, then thought “Oh, I’m going to have to pause Pandora to listen to this video”. To my happy surprise, Pandora paused itself when the video started. It even resumed after the video was over – something I NEVER remember to do. I like it when technology does that sort of thing. · I downloaded an Android app that lets you record Gif images. I can now make my own reaction Gifs. Last two bits: I gave my Galaxy Nexus to my father December 15th. I bought that phone last year… on December 15th. The 1 year warranty was on its last day when we went to the phone store and had them order a new one for free (the one I had was having radio issues). You can’t say I keep phones for less than a year. However, I can’t say I keep them for more than a year. I think the internet is Egyptian because everyone on it worships cats.

Top 5: Self-Made Reaction Gifs

  1. The “What ‘lol’ really means”:

  1. The “I’m not sure I follow…”

  1. The usual Reddit face:

  1. The usual reaction to the “When you see it…” type posts on Reddit:

  1. The “Okay, it was me”:


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