#35 - Google Drive & List 2.0

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Motto: Save ALL the things!

Due to my geolocational luck, I have recently had the pleasure of signing up for Google Fiber. Due to my extraordinary luck, the 1 terabyte of Google Drive storage offered with the internet service has already started for me. It has become official, I have more cloud storage than I do local storage (if you don’t include my external hard drive and myriad of flash drives). With that, came a new opportunity, which I viewed (almost frustratingly) as a new obligation.

I had to change up my notetaking system.

A brief history of my notetaking strategies (insert a “and then” between each of these lines): I used nothing. I used a physical notebook. I used Microsoft Word documents. I used Microsoft OneNote. I used Evernote. I used Microsoft OneNote. I used Springpad. I made a note on all possible systems comparing each, ad nauseam. I used Catch.com. I used Mircosoft Office + Dropbox. I used Springpad. I used Evernote. I wrote about my notetaking frustrations. I used OneNote & Evernote. And now: I use Google Drive + Google Docs & Microsoft Office. (editor’s note from 2020: man this saga kept going)

If you have a terabyte of storage with one service, you use it. To misquote Loki, I am burdened with glorious power. I am fairly certain this will be my last ever iteration of a digital notetaking strategy. I will append this strategy later on, after I get myself a little nerd-organization gift later. I have other things to be spending money on first, though.

When I get my first dog I am naming it Loki, Thor, or Odin. He’s going to be small, but not runty. Cute, but not too cute. Something like… I dunno, this.

As an aside, I just wasted an hour looking at pictures of dogs on the internet.

I have done redid my Demetri Martin-esque list. I am calling it “The list 2.0” Here’s a picture of the list I am carrying around:

The list above fits conveniently in a two-by-two square on standard printing paper because I’m awesome. For the record: I did terribly this week, except for Tuesday. Tuesday I did well. Next week I’m going to try to set the high-score.


Top 5: Musicians/groups named after things that taste

  1. Ice T
  2. The Spice Girls
  3. Salt n’ Pepa
  4. Meatloaf
  5. Vanilla Ice


“Mark Twain never actually said half the stuff he gets quoted for” Mark Twain