#219 - Brief Selections from My Moleskine

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Motto: Just Cause

I love a good notebook. If you have a notebook, you can do anything! Your only limit is your imagination! ...and ability ...and available real-estate per page ...and available number of pages ...and level of education ...and level inspiration ...and the properties of your writing utensil ...and free time with which to fill a notebook ...and the 2-dimensional nature of the format ...and the static nature of the medium Other than that, you can do anything! ...so long as it's either writing or drawing ...the parts of writing or drawing existing within the subset of the parameters defined above Then there's this:

Then there's this: The optimist sees the glass half full The pessimist sees the glass half empty The engineer sees the glass is twice as large as is required and/or operating at near 50% its capacity The homeless person sees the glass on the street in front of them, with not much change in it The artist sees the glass as a fascinating subject of form and refraction The table sees the glass as a hat The blind optimist feels the glass half full The dyslexic optimist sees the slags falf hull The time traveler sees the glass full, half full, empty, and broken The nerd sees the glass through her glasses The stigmatic optimist sees both glasses half full The glass blower sees a boring project The old man sees his dentures The dog sees something... possibly containing water The writer sees the glass as a metaphor exploring different frames of reference using a single, easily visualized, universally accessible scenario

This was a very low effort post. Seriously just transcribing things I'd already written. This font is different than the rest on accident and I'm not even going to fix it.

Top 5: Anagrams of the Word "Telsa"
5. Slate
4. Tales

3. Steal
2. Stale
1. Least

“A pump is like two jet skis. But one is a rhino farting lightning. And the other is two jet skis.”
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