#218 - $1500

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Motto: Consumerism at its Finest

Whoa! Dude! There's $1500 laying on the ground over here! I'm going to use this in the totally the most responsible way possible. What could I get?* A Mostly Complete Home Gym:$500 - Power Rack$385 - Olympic Plates (bar & clamps included) $300 - Adjustable Dumbbells$150 - Adjustable Bench$96 - Mats ($24 per set x 4 sets)
$69 - Mirror... why are mirrors so hard to find online? An Apple Setup:$1499 - 13" 256 GB Macbook Pro

A Different Apple Setup:
$1499 - 21.5" iMac
Another Different Apple Setup:$649 - Unlocked iPhone 6$499 - iPad Air (or iPad Mini with more storage)

I could keep going with combinations. The Mac Mini is also $499 - you could use it in place of the iPad Air.

A Google Setup from this Generation:
$650 - Nexus 6
$499 - Nexus 9
$249 - Moto 360
A Google Setup from the Last Generation:$380 - Toshiba Chromebook (this is actually brand new)
$17 - A long HDMI cable for some reason
$2 - a Redbull

Notice HOW MUCH MORE you can get if you don't buy a ridiculous 2560x1440 6" display?
A Way Less Robust Google Setup:$1500 - Google Glass, a single pair $0 - Shame & idiocy A Fairly Extreme Every Day Carry Bag & Contents:$555 - Handgun$380 - Toshiba Chromebook
$140 - Crazy Nice Earbuds (I needed to kill lots of cash) $129 - Really Good Messenger Bag$78 - Hipster Sunglasses
$10 - Spare cables, various $34 - Sharpies, Pens, Pencils, Gum, Altoids, Matches, a Poncho, a little First Aid Kit, whatever you want.
Note all of these things are just example products & could easily be switched with anything else. Also note that most of those Amazon listings on my account say "you purchased this item on (whatever date)..."

A Motorcycle:
$1500 - From Craigslist, so it comes with creepy feelings for free!

A GoPro Drone:
$829 - The Drone (with Gimbal)
$209 - This Case, just to be official
$62 - An SD Card & Other GoPro Accessories

Captain America Cosplay:
$660 - Captain America Suit (The Avengers)
$360 - Captain America Suit (The Winter Soldier)
I'm not going to link these next few, because they'll change too much and I'm tired of it.
A Really Good Vacation:$500 - Four night cruise in the Bahamas (in 4 months) $500 - Second ticket $150 - Bus tickets to the port and back for two $350 - Money for on-board entertainment A Good, Solo Vacation:$1150 - Flight to Italy and back (in 4 months) $350 - To stay in Italy as long as possible A BAD Vacation:$1500 - Flight to Italy and back (in 2 1/2 months) $0 - Being homeless and alone in Italy for a week *These lists were made using some of the most obvious Google searches I could think of. They are not idealized or comprehensive. They are definitely not the cheapest or best possible options for each thing. I generally picked the top reviewed item from whatever site, but that's hardly a replacement for actual research. Another note, I promise you most of these links will go dead within a few months - some will be dead by this time next week. So, at that point you'll just have to trust me.

Top 5: Other Things I Didn't Want to Research
5. A Full-Blown Suit
4. A maid, for... some amount of time
3. 1500 McDoubles
2. A Serious Hiker's/Camper's Kit
1. A couple college classes

- Most of my Google searches include this lately -