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Recent posts

#257 - Four Great Days

3 minute read

Motto: The Theme is "Worlds"... which Passes as a Theme I Suppose The past 4 days have been awesome. Here's why, with pictures & captions! Melissa and...

#256 - Tech News

3 minute read

Motto: Google's Indexing the Internet, AlphabeticallyI'm embarrassed by that motto.Trebuchet is my favorite font. Presuming your browser didn't hijack my typ...

#255 - He’s a Twit

2 minute read

Motto: Twitter sucks #ProbablyJustJealous I don't have a Twitter. I don't like the idea of a stream of small text posts. So here's everything I would have tw...

#254 - My 26th Year

2 minute read

Motto: 14 million 208 thousand 480 minutes! 14 million 208 thousand 480 moments of rife! 14 million 208 thousand 480 minutes! How do you measure, m...