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Recent posts

#273 - 30 Day Challenges are Challenging

2 minute read

Motto: I have half an hour to write thisIt's the beginning of the month. That means I'm transitioning between two 30 Day Challenges. Here's where I reflect o...

#272 - Android TV Experiment

3 minute read

Motto: Well That's Disappointing In 2014, when Google announced the Nexus 6 that was a huge personal disappointment, they announced a few other things that ...

#271 - 2045

3 minute read

Motto: GREAT SCOTT! Yesterday was “Back to the Future” day. That is popular knowledge right now. I’m not stating that not so much to inform you now, but mor...

#270 - #HYPE

2 minute read

Motto: GET ON MY LEVEL The initial reviews for the Nexus 6P are coming back. I'm buying into the #HYPE. Initial. Reviews. Are. All. Positive. Seriously....