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Recent posts

#284 - General Life Update

3 minute read

Motto: lightly flavored carbonated water ≠ sodaHI!I don't write as much any more. That's just the way things are, and the way they will likely continue to be...

#282 - Monitor & Videogames

1 minute read

Motto: Writing WrongsThat monitor situation I talked about in my previous post got resolved. I successfully returned the 4K monitor, lessons learned. Earlier...

#281 - New Monitor’s Resolutions

3 minute read

Motto: Rambling for Rambling's SakeYesterday I bought a brand new 28" 4K Samsung computer monitor.Today I am writing this Column on it.Tomorrow I'll be retur...

#280 - Good Routine ⇾ Good Life

6 minute read

Motto: Set Achievable Daily Goals and Achieve Them DailyI've struggled not to start every Column I've written over the past few months with "everything is re...