This is a listing of (most of) my on-going projects. What they are. Why I do them. How I do them.

The Life Tracker

snapshot of tracker's 7 year summary For the past 6+ years, I have developed and maintained a “life-in-a-spreadsheet” quantified self project I’ve (regretfully) named “The Life Tracker”. For more information see this relevant post

The Second-a-Day Videos

youngest second I have Also for the past 6+ years, I have been doing a second-a-day video project. It documents my life from the day of my 24th birthday until the day I turned 30. From there, I switched focus to my son. See one of the posts in which I talk about the project.

30 Day Challenges

snippet of 30 day challenges For the past 4+ years, I have done month-long challenges. These have mostly focused around habit and routine changes, but have also included things like “read 10 books”. They haven’t always been successful, but they’ve all taught me something. See this relevant Post


snippet of Gillespedia Recently I started a sister website to this one. The Column (my name for this blog) has always been (and will continue to be) me writing about whatever I feel like writing about at the time. Columns are sometimes topical, sometimes timeless. They sometimes function as a journal, sometimes as research projects, and other times they function just to wrap up my thoughts on a given subject so I can move on. I wanted to create a special collection of posts that represent my notes about life and the physical world. I wanted to make a compendium of research, and more well-thought-out musings. I wanted the posts in this repository to be timeless. I want them to be useful. I want them to build on one another. I wanted my own, personal, single-author Wikipedia. That became Gillespedia.

I think the Column (what I call this blog) and Gillespedia will probably morph together over time. That may be a while off. I want to build the Gillespedia site from scratch; and I’m just not there yet.

We Scene a Movie

podcast logo

About a year ago I started a podcast with a couple of friends. We talk about movies, which I think is the single most common podcast topic that exists. See more on this relevant Post.