About image This blog is owned, operated, & written by Aaron Gillespie. Not this guy, but a different Aaron Gillespie. One you don’t know unless you know him. The guy in the photo above - the blue shirt, not the orange one.

The Column

This blog has existed in one form or another for most of the past two decades, from section of the Xanga page for a band the author was in for 3 weeks in middle school, to a wordpress page hosted mostly by a friend, to a Tumblr right after college, to Blogger for the past 7 years, and now on GitHub Pages. Its purpose is solely for its author’s entertainment. If you enjoy any portion of reading it, that’s a happy side effect.

Typical Topics

  • consumer technology
  • quantified self stuff
  • musings on life
  • movies, mostly Marvel movies
  • personal projects
  • Google, although less and less so
  • whatever else Aaron feels like on a given day

Other Projects

See this page.