#98 - Further Down the River

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Motto: Float On

This weekend was Nick’s bachelor party.

When I say “bachelor party”, what immediately comes to mind?

None of that stuff happened. Which I’m glad for. I’m much more comfortable not doing all that stuff. We went on a 42 mile float trip down the Current river. It was a ton of fun. It was very relaxing. Very not relaxing. Very cold. Very hot. It was a great weekend, and I need to do things like it more often. Both in terms of the content of the trip and the being with people who went on it.

Originally, I was going to compile a highlight video.


Instead I’ll submit to you this picture of (almost) everyone who went.

We spelunked.

I just now noticed there are between 4 and 5 people giving thumbs up in this picture, even though we couldn’t see each other doing it (it was absolutely pitch black in there when we were taking this photo).

I’m going to keep this really short, cause I’m already tired.

Really short.

Top 5: Best Moments from the Float Trip

  1. Getting threatened to get our tents peed on by some real interesting folks we passed by. We decided not to camp there.
  2. Nick ran our canoe into a tree while trying to reach a football. We subsequently took on water and tipped.
  3. The cave was awesome. ~250 yards of narrow passes, climbing, and watery crawling. All resulting in the picture above.
  4. Not one “moment” per say, but the collective conversation that took place during the entire course of the trip. There was a large group of good guys that each have unique and interesting lives and viewpoints. This, though, wasn’t as sweet as the number one best moment…
  5. Nick made fun of me for slipping on a muddy hill. Then Nick stepped on the same hill, also slipped, and essentially did the splits across the front of a canoe.


“RAIN DROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD” Nick sang this at max volume for ~30 minutes while we paddled down the river in the rain. This is basically the only line of the song he knew.