#91 - Creativity & JIF GIF Revisited

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Motto: 3 Day Weekends are the Best

I have several things on my writing docket. This is the first paragraph of the update and I’m still not sure which direction I’m going to take it. I’m as far on the edge of my seat as you are.

I think I’m going to write about something that isn’t on my agenda.

I have just realized one major disadvantage of living a healthy-ish lifestyle - at my current rate I will never be able to say “I just made this one little change and I’m so much healthier!”. This question on Reddit got me thinking, “man, I couldn’t ever just ‘walk some’ and see any benefits. I already walk. That’s crap.”

I can’t quit smoking because I never started. My life is so hard.

On to something I had planned to write about:

As seen in recent posts, I am trying to more and more utilize the Column as a final resting place for my creative projects. I want to focus a little more on videos I’ve made, pictures I’ve taken, ~poetry~ wordplay I’ve created, and maybe even introduce audio I’ve recorded. With this, I want hoping to focus a little less on “this is what happened on Saturday”-type entries. There will still be a fair amount of both, though.

Also as seen in my previous post, I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate a section of blue text in each update. I have a running theme in most all of my independent creative projects where I try to utilize red, blue, green, and yellow in a major way.

Did you notice the Motto was yellow?

The most obvious solution is to add a new feature to every post. I only hesitate because I fear writer’s block. For now, I’m going to (re)introduce the Fact of the update.

Fact: Melissa should be home in 29 days

That will be at the top of my posts for future columns. I’m going to test it out.

The last thing I wanted to write about:

Just before I left for California I caught internet lightning in a bottle when I created and posted the following (incredibly stupid) image:

Disclaimer - this is actually a higher-quality version than the version that went semi-viral Anyway, the inventor of the Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF) image recently went on record saying he meant for the format to be pronounced with a soft G (like “giraffe”) and not with a hard G (like “Gift”). This led to a rehost and repost of my original image by some person I’ve never met. The repost hit the front page again. If you add the view count from the original to the view count of the rehosted version, my incredibly stupid image has been seen 2136273 times. That’s an exact number that is accurate as of this writing.

If, for some reason, everyone who saw the JIF GIF decided to form a 51st state, the new JIF GIF state would be the 36th most populous in the Union. It would sit right between Utah and New Mexico.

Top 5: Things I did this Weekend (by awesomeness)

  1. Re-re-reconsidered my Everyday Carry (I very nearly wrote about this)
  2. Videogames until a ludicrous hour on Friday
  3. Shot guns at inanimate objects
  4. Played croquet with the family
  5. Bonfire with (2/3) the dudes


“I guess we are smarter than cavemen” Josh, after we devised a system of holding hotdogs in the fire without having to stand by the fire ourselves

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