#80 - Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

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Motto: If pictures are worth 1000 words, this is a REALLY long column

I am jetlagged. I’ve been going through a weird cycle of sleeping for 13 or 14 hours, then staying awake for 24 straight without the slightest hint of tiredness. I’m working on correcting that.

During my many periods of unwilling wakefulness I have been perusing photos on my computer. I’ve decided there are a few fun ones I’d like to share with you, my loyal readers*. I’m going to try to keep the entertainment value high with these.


ONE NOTE BEFORE WE GET STARTED: I’d like to explicitly state that you have the option to click on the pictures to make them bigger. Doing this allows you to quickly look through all the photos in any post - but loses you the ability to see their captions and any surrounding context… which is usually fairly important.

We are going to work our way backward in time.

First off, today I already toured KC some and took some new photospheres. I got a tripod mount for my cell phone, it takes photosphere quality to the next level. See below:

Kansas City - Crown Center

Kansas City - Town Hall

Kansas City - My Place

Next, I took a special tour of Boulevard’s brewery yesterday:

From the roof of the Brewery… I don’t like that guy

The whole group (everyone knew everyone, or at least everyone knew Nick)

Again, the tripod makes these way better

Two days ago the Fuller’s hosted Poker Night (I’m capitalizing that because it’s the name of a movie that’s coming out soon):

Danielle got a new cat & AJ in in the process of hitting me in the crotch

I think this photo explains itself

Next, here are a couple photos from the trip:


Me attempting a stereotypical girl-trying-to-look-sexy-without-“trying” pose

Right after this one I got called “terrible at jump photos”

Now we’ll move on to photos from earlier this year:

My sister Amy - psyched to get the conductor’s hat

Melissa’s sister Krista, a little less psyched to get the Yeti hat

This picture also explains itself Stepping back a year - here are some interesting photos from 2012:

One of the Deskies at Templin looked a lot like the model on the front of this magazine

I got an Android snuggie with a pocket that perfectly accommodates my Android tablet

Halloween - Highland Breau

Santa’s little helper

This photo is mostly for reference for the coming Top 5’s

Melissa and I photobombing a surprise photo of our coworkers I took

I think I’m a big fan of this photo of Melissa

One more step back - 2010:

Melissa and I found an igloo

The fact this thing exists proves the world isn’t perfect

This picture explains itself

I love my friends One last step back - these photos come from a desk shift of Melissa’s from before we started dating (I joined her at the desk because I liked her… but she didn’t know that yet):

They are all like this

We were destined to fall for each other

Looking back at these, there was an awful lot of “head on shoulder”… she totally digged me

We still do this sort of stuff more than any two responsible adults should There are two Top 5’s in today’s column. For reference, I offer you all of the above photos plus the following three:

Me standing in the one spot on the boat I could actually stand - bag on backward

Melissa in the loft of the bungalow

The both of us; again, for reference

Top 5: Famous People I Kinda Look Like

  1. Timothy Olyphant

Admittedly, I’ve only gotten this one once or twice

  1. Robert Pattinson

Young Robert Pattinson looks a little like a young Aaron Gillespie

  1. Bo Burnham

A young Bo Burnham looks a lot like a young Aaron Gillespie

  1. Jeff Withey

Except shorter

  1. Although he’s not famous, this guy

Minus the wicked hair.

Top 5: Famous People Melissa Kinda Looks Like

  1. Natalie Portman

Minus the overdone makeup job

  1. Shania Twain

Melissa in ~20 years.

  1. Andriana Lima

Yeah, my fiancé looks like a supermodel

  1. Kristen Stewart

No matter how many times she fights me on this one - I still think she looks like Kristen Stewart

  1. Olga Kurylenko

Bonus Content - two photos of Melissa and I:

Somewhat sadly this is somewhat accurate

I had to take a screenshot of my copy of this movie to find a frame that halfway worked


“I would say the Pilsner has a high poundability factor” The tour guide from the Boulevard Brewery tour I took today