#75 - Sleep & Adulthood

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Motto: So it goes.

Sitting alone in my room - at my desk, specifically. Waiting for a witch’s broom to take me trans-Pacifically. I will see my girl on the other side of the world.

How about that for terrible poetry? Actually, I prefer the term “wordplay” over poetry - “poetry” is supposed to be pretty.

How about that for terrible wordplay?

Last night I fell asleep before 10:30 for the first time since… well… I don’t know. This morning I woke up with vim and vigor at 6:15. That’s been my goal “wake up” time for months and I’ve never really been very successful. I suppose I did everything right last night. Turned my computer off at 9. Read a book outside for half an hour. Cleaned my place. Flopped like a fish into bed at 10-oh-something. Told Melissa goodnight and put my phone away.

It was beautiful outside, by the way.

Slaughterhouse 5 on the Balcony of My Building One sentence about consumer technology: The 7 inch tablet form factor is easily my favorite personal-media consumption form factor.

I feel so grown up - sitting on the desk next to me is my Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, Tax information, information about my insurance policies, and one or two other things of equal magnitude.

At the same time, I feel so not grown up - also sitting on the desk next to me is my PlayStation, a rubber ducky, a DVD of “Hot Rod” with Andy Samberg, and my desktop background says “Rule 1. You do not talk about Fight Club”.

You met me at a very strange time in my life.

Top 5: Changes in Version 2 of my ‘Demetri List’

  1. “Cut Down on Multitasking” has been completely removed. Mutlitasking hasn’t been a problem for months.
  2. Reading was introduced to the list because I didn’t do nearly enough of it.
  3. “Slept 7.5 Hours” as split into two goals concerning my bed and wake times. This was to add emphasis.
  4. “Wrote a Column” and “Worked on a Project” were combined, because I used to consider writing a Column as ‘working on a project’ anyway. Redundancies are redundant.
  5. Overall, more precise definitions for goals. For example: “Drank water” became “Drank > 2 liters water”.


“You are no help whatsoever” Danielle, about me and my knack for never making decisions for the group