#72 - One Year Later & Movie Poster Idea

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Motto: I’m a Creative Cat; a Star-Performing Word-Worm

Two Days Ago, March 16th, 2013, marked the 1-year anniversary of my first column on Blogger. I’ve written a lot about the column on the column. The reason for that is that this is a blog about my life and thoughts - and the column happens to be a non-negligible part of both of those things.

Blogger has been fantastic platform for my purposes; and I can see myself really settling in here. I mean, I’ve been doing it for about 1/24th of my life already, so… I guess you could say I’m settled. I want to make it to a 1000 posts, someday… but I’d settle for 100 for now. One step at a time, yo.

My grammar is not perfect, and I know that. I’ve had a particular weakness brought to my attention recently and it now bugs me… I suck at participles. If you’ve been reading the column scrutinously, there are surely dozens of examples you could have saw.


I have been badly yearning to create. I want to take and make pictures, music, and movies. I’ve been wanting to draw and shoot and make and craft and forge. I’ve already written literally the entire rest of everything in this post, though, so… I’ll just leave that at that. (yes, I write these very non-linearly)

In other news:

I got an idea for a new project. In a nutshell, I want to create create high-quality movie posters for movies starring my friends, set across a wide variety of genres and eras. These movies, of course, will never come to be; but the posters hopefully will. It all spawned from a shamefully adolescent daydream that ended something like this:

This rough sketch was never supposed to have an audience. Now it does. Basically, I want to recreate that drawing and other such faux-movie posters with a really high production value. A REALLY high production value. This gives me the opportunity to be creative, involve friends, technology, AND yield (hopefully) some really cool finished products. I like all those things.

REALLY HIGH PRODUCTION VALUE. I just wanted to make sure that got stressed enough.

I saw “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”. It was alright. Made me laugh. I didn’t leave the theater disappointed that I went in. So. Take that as you will.

I leave for Thailand in 18 days.

Top 5: Data Head

  1. 4 = The Least-View Column’s Number of page-views… that post was about Futurama, almost a year ago - Note: “Page View” means the individual post had to be opened, does not count read-throughs done from the main page (which is how I would read these, if I were you)
  2. 122 = Top Most-Viewed Column’s number of page-views… that post, oddly, was the very next post: EDC Fruition
  3. 5.1 = The number of days in between my average posts
  4. 5.5 = My estimate of the number of people I know who read any given post (myself possibly included)
  5. ~13 = How many more years I’ll have to do this for, at my current rate, before I reach my 1000th post. It’s a lofty dream, but hey, Ad Astra Per Aspera.

One of my previous iterations of the column had “Numbers” instead of the Top 5. It was essentially done like that. I’m not going to go back, but I may just weasel my way into doing it every once in a while.


“Thhaaahhh-dahhhaaahhhh!” Jim Carrey, in the funniest part of the movie (and one of the funniest parts of any movie I’ve seen)