#71 - Premature Victory Dance

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Motto: ~145 hours

That’s how long it’s been since I initially thought this:

“I’m really really tired… and it’s freezing in here… and I’m sore everywhere for no reason…… oh crap.”

The first 3 full days I was sick. At the time, I thought I was pretty much out of the woods. I’m here right now 3 full days later to tell you, I was wrong.

Friday night I acquired cheap tickets to the semi-final games of the Big-12 tournament. I attended them. Felt somewhat tired, but otherwise okay. Saturday I woke up feeling worse… but it was my newphew’s 4th birthday and I had already missed out on the official party, so I decided I really needed to go home and see the family.

That ended up being probably a mistake. Don’t get me wrong, I did get to see them and I am happy about it; but I spent most of the time asleep. I think I may have even fevered up again at one point. I didn’t measure.

I’m getting a doctor’s appointment ASAP. This “24 or 48 hour bug” has turned into a week-long affair.

I should be playing basketball with AJ and Nick right now. I hate being sick.

KU beat KSU in the Big 12 Tournament Championship. We share the regular season championship with them, despite having beaten them 3 times and lost to them 0 times this year.

Big 12 Regular Season and Tournament Champions Yup.

Top 5: Holidays that are Mainly Celebrated in America as an Excuse to Drink

  1. 4th of July
  2. The New Year (these first two have legitimate reasons)
  3. The Chinese New Year
  4. St. Patrick’s Day (today)
  5. Cinco de Mayo


“When have I ever said anything awesome in my life?” Nickole, who texted me out of the blue tonight