#7 - Futurama

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Motto: Productivity schmoductivity

Fixation is a state to which I have a natural predisposition. The search for perfection is as close to perfection as you can reasonably get. My phone (my shining beacon of zen) has always been and continues to be my greatest achievement in this pursuit. Over the years, I’ve spent hours (realistically, days) trying to find the exact balance of functionality with efficiency. Lately, it’s been EDC culture. EDC (Every Day Carry) culture is just the appreciation for those items and tools which people from various walks of life carry every day. It probably started in high school with my auto-preparedness kit idea. Basically a bookbag chalk full of everything you might ever need on the road. The notion flared up again a few years back with the desire for a 3-day bag (or Bug-Out Bag). After an diffused amount of fixation over an extended period of time, a small amount of money was spent and I now carry a very basic version of this in my trunk next to the original project. I rarely use either of these items (although it has happened before). After stumbling across this sub-reddit, I became more intentional about the things I put in my pockets. I wanted more capacity. I wanted something that was somewhere between a full-blown bookbag and a man-purse or “murse”.

Long story not-so-short, I found a bag that I think will perfectly fit the bill. I also thought of how and what I’m going to carry in it. The things are in the mail and the venture is closed.

Strangely, after making a final EDC seletion my productivity streak abruptly stopped. I have no idea why.

On the plus side - I have seen most all of Futurama in the past week and a half. Wait, I think I might now what the problem is…


It all makes sense!

By the way, I’m going to include a picture in every post from now on. Looks better for the mobile version of this blog.

Top 5: best (non-superhero) cartoon characters of all time

  1. Peter Lowenbrau Griffin (unoriginal, but undeniably funny)
  2. Stanley Rodger “Stan” Smith
  3. Homer Jay Simpson
  4. Dale Alvin Gribble (otherwise known as Rusty Shackleford)
  5. Bender Bending Rodriguez


“I’ll Save Me!” - Bender (much better in context)