#67 - Great, Terrible, Great

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Motto: Whatever I feel like. That’s the whole idea.

It’s been a little while since I updated. My mind has been on other things.

A while back my cousin had me watch a few episodes of Community. I liked it. I told Melissa that I liked it and that she should watch some episodes. Because she’s great, she started watching it. She likes it. Because she likes it, I decided to start watching it.

It almost sounds like that violates causality… but I think if you follow along with my visual aid you’ll figure out that natural order has been retained:

Not pictured: The explanation behind Looper.

Community is great. It’s quickly escalated to become one of my favorite shows on TV with some of my favorite character/actor combinations I’ve ever seen. It’s great.

Here’s a fun fact not everyone knows about me already: I briefly tried to be a cartoonist for the newspaper at the University of Kansas. You see, their comics were terrible. So terrible that I thought - hey, my doodles are equally terrible! Maybe my doodles could be terrible in the paper!

Here’s an example of a terrible cartoon - it’s called “Chicken Nuggets”:

Drawn in 2 minutes off a horrible premise… obviously

I want to start putting more drawings in here. I like them. The one above is laughably terrible, but that’s okay. It gets the point across.

I spent the weekend hanging out with Melissa’s family. Note - she is still in Thailand. I was spending time with them, not her and them. I have to say, much like went I went to visit her sister a week or two ago, I expected it to go well and it exceeded my expectations. In short: Great.

I’m going to keep this super short and sweet. The Top 5 and Quote are unrelated to anything. In order to get in my movie/tv show/music/book reference I’ll just say it this way:

And now, for something completely different!

Top 5: Things bullets do in the movies that they don’t do in real life

  1. Neatly override all door-locking mechanisms (e.g padlocks or metal chains)
  2. Curve around bodies based on how you shoot them (e.g. all of WANTED)
  3. Magically never run out (e.g. most action movies)
  4. Light things on fire (e.g. gasoline spilled on concrete)
  5. Cause most things to explode (e.g. a car’s gas tank)


“If I ever poop and forget this phone, it will ruin my poop” Josh just got a new phone, his first real smartphone