#59 - Blog Update about a Blog Update

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Motto: The times, they are (not) a changin’

It’s already a half hour past when I told myself I’d be going to sleep. I am not tired. That could be because I’ve been running ragged all day and I’m having a hard time turning my brain of hyperdrive, or it could be because I didn’t eat proper dinner until 10pm. It’s probably both.

I worked out this morning. Looked at myself in the mirror after I got done. I almost saw a muscle, I swear.

I have taken the past half hour to go through my last 20ish posts and give them proper labels. Labels function like tags. If I think a column is particularly picture-heavy, I can put the “PICTURES” label on it. At that point, it will show up alongside all the other picture-heavy columns. This will be potentially useful for later on. The labels I have designated for use (these could change, but probably won’t much) are as follows:

  • THOUGHTS - for things that I just thought, that aren’t really grounded in any sort of reality
  • STORYTIME - for stories
  • OUTLINE - for outlines, bulleted lists, or otherwise intentionally structured posts (like this!)
  • RESEARCH - if I’m researching something, this may not get used much
  • PICTURES - if there is 3 or more pictures associated with the post
  • DRAWINGS - if one of those pictures happens to be a drawing (I don’t believe this has happened until this post)
  • VIDEO - if the post contains a video (note: some of my old posts link to a version of my second-a-day video that no longer exists… so… yeah)
  • AUDIO - if I post spoken word, music, or whatever other audio clip I might post - this is one of the many areas of media production and creativity I am looking into
  • POETRY - another area of media production and creativity I’m looking into
  • JOKES - for thoughts that are simply jokes, from my own brain
  • NERDCRED - nerdy post contect
  • GOOGLE - Google-related content
  • NONGOOGLETECH - for all other tech that isn’t directly about Google
  • META - columns that reference the column
  • Possibly more to come if I start writing consistently about some other topic for example - “REVIEWS” or “MOVIES” or “MONKEYSDRESSEDASHUMANS”

The substance of the conversation happening in the hallway outside my door right now does not warrant how loud the conversation is. Some girl somewhere is mad at some other girl, apparently.

In the name of brevity, I’m afraid we must part ways. If I don’t go to bed I’m going to regret it - maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.

I have a small stockpile of drawings I did when I was in High School. This is one.

Top 5: The parts of the column that are the hardest to do, (5 = easiest, 1 = hardest)

  1. The Body
  2. The Quote
  3. The Picture
  4. The Motto
  5. The Top 5


“Hali’s girlfriend/co-worker came over and ate my LAST FOUR CORNDOGS. She’s terrible and I don’t like her anymore”Josh Weltha