#5 - Aaron Gillespie, owner of a B.S. in Electrical Engineering

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Motto: Why yes, I can Engineer that for you…

I walked across the floor of Allen Fieldhouse. I walked down the hill. I walked out of The University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering; thus ending my streak of 18 straight years in a formal education institution. If I had just listened to my gifted teacher in high school I would have been done in 17 years. Film was a mistake… but I’m glad I made it. Things would have been different if I hadn’t, and I like the way things turned out.

This is not to say I wouldn’t change some things if I could go back. I could have taught myself how to study. How to do homework. How to work with my peers. How to have a fun life.

Brief overview of college (the way it was):

I studied film for a year and a half I switched to (after many changes in a two week span) Electrical Engineer I met many of what I now consider to be my best friends I lived to two of the best friends I’ve ever had I met a special lady I RA’d for over 120 people, liked many of them! Will miss a lot of them dearly I went to the Orange Bowl and watched KU win over Virginia Tech in a nail-biter I watched 2 National Championship games in Allen Fieldhouse, one of which we won I quit blogging I started blogging again (hopefully for good this time) I got my first Android phone (for those of you who know me, you know how big this is) I learned calculus, embraced the inner nerd I watched Hot Rod, The Boondock Saints 2, and all the Avengers movies in theaters I worked for and with some great people both in the summers and during the year I grew about 2 inches I gained about 50 pounds There really is no way to list everything that should be listed. I’m going to leave it there. This post has been dogging me. I know it’s a big post. The first post after the close of me undergraduate career. What’s next?

Top 5: Things I learned in college

  1. Computer coding
  2. Circuit design
  3. Calculus
  4. How the engineering design process works
  5. How to twirl my pen around my thumb.


“Schooooool’s out for summer! Schoooooool’s out forever!” - Alice Cooper