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Workout Routine

I’ve been doing the same basic routine for the past few years, for the most part. I don’t think I’ve ever shared it on here. It was New Year’s Resolutions time, so why not share a thing that I’ve enjoyed that I believe to be pretty alright.

Aaron’s Workout Routine Overview

Full body. No set “days per week”, but ideally at least 3. Each workout is built around three of the “big 6” compound exercises, one or two sets of accessory exercises, and takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Workouts by Year.svg

Compound exercises 1, 2, and 3 are dependent on the day.

Day 5x5 Lift 4x7 Lift 3x10 Lift Accessory Focus
Day A Squat Bench Pull Up Chest
Day B Deadlift Bent Over Row Overhead Press Biceps
Day C Pull Up Squat Bench Core
Day D Overhead Press Deadlift Bent Over Row Shoulders
Day E Bench Pull Up Squat Shoulders
Day F Bent Over Row Overhead Press Deadlift Triceps

Proceed through the days A to F in order. Then start again at A.

Miscellaneous notes:

  • You can swap out similar variations for any given compound exercise (e.g. incline bench instead of bench).
  • Weighted pull-ups and assisted pull-ups should be used to hit the rep ranges.
  • Rest periods should be 1-3 minutes between sets

Meta Routine

It’s not “optimal” to literally do the same routine for forever. Your body adapts to new loads and stressors, then you hit a plateau. This is the law of diminishing returns in action. To combat this, you have to change things up from time to time. But - if you’re constantly changing things up, you may not stay on any one thing long enough to progress it. So, the right approach is something in between. Many workout programs are scheduled to last for 8 to 12 weeks with this in mind. The approach to how you vary your routine up over time is something I’ve not paid enough attention to historically. That’s changing this year.

Quarterly Routine Change

In 2024 I am going to do four different workout routines. Change things around and try to learn some. So for the next 3 months I’m not doing the routine from above that I’ve been using for years. Instead I’m doing a push/pull/legs routine, which plays nicely into my 3-2-1 goal1.

I haven’t planned the whole year out yet, but by the end of the year this table will be full.

Jan, Feb, Mar Apr, May, Jun Jul, Aug, Sep Oct, Nov, Dec
Push/Pull/Legs Dunno yet Dunno yet Only curls all day
Eating slightly more Dunno yet Eating slightly less Dunno yet

System Synergies

One neat thing about this approach is that it lines up with my Generalized Fitness Benchmark tests. I will be doing the same test at the end of each 3 month routine. In theory this should allow me to objectively observe results of each time span.

Also, obviously, my Personal Data Warehouse keeps me honest.

Workout Apps

This post is too long. I switched weightlifting apps after 8 years with the Strong App. I now use Hevy, which is essentially a clone of Strong, but with additional niceties. I recommend it.

Sadly, there isn’t a workout app that tracks per lift strength training progress and heart rate/pacing info during runs. So, my tools for fitness tracking are still an amalgamation of things.

Top 5: Unrelated Things

5. Spotlight!

Spotlight is a feature of iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS. It is part search box, part command prompt, and it’s the main way I do LOTS of things on my iPad and Mac. It is single-handedly the main reason why I now get a little bit frustrated when I switch to my Windows machine or any of my Raspberry Pis (which run Linux).

The shortcut to pull up spotlight is cmd + space. I use it for:

  • Opening new apps
  • Running Siri Shortcuts (which I do multiple times/day)
  • Adding new reminders
  • Adding new events to my calendar
  • Initiating Google Searches
  • Doing math calculations & unit conversions
  • Changing settings

4. Podcast!

I have one again. Same name. “We Scene a Movie” wherever you get your podcasts. Or here.

Workouts by Year.svg

3. Tools!

I updated my public repo of “Tools I Use”. It’s current. Also it exists, if you didn’t know.

2. Notes!

I’ve written two Columns’ worth of material on accident. My next Column will come in a week and be about my notes, which I’ve recently figured out how to re-publish to the internet.

1. Life!

Despite the cold spell. Despite slow progress on some long-term projects. Despite the terrible 3s. Life is really good. I’m happy. In case you were wondering.


They got rewarded for needing a crutch.  Jeff Fuller - about people solving a puzzle using the clues I provided, rather figuring it out

  1.  3 weightlifting workouts 2 cardio workouts, 1 mobility workout