Motto: why not do a throwback?

At some point I accidentally started all my Columns with writing about my Columns. I’ve always hated that. Here I am doing it again.

10 Years Tracked

Today, 4/22/2023, marks the 10th anniversary of the first day I successfully started adding to my horribly named, horribly re-renamed, and continues to be horribly named life-tracking project. Today’s post was supposed to be a celebration of my having successfully re-built the project from scratch as part of my transition to version 101, which consolidates 10 years of data distributed across different databases and platforms into a new, more forward-looking future-proof version. I’ll write way more than you care to hear about it someday.

Alas I don’t have that ready. I missed the deadline I set for myself. Not due to lack of trying. I have done zen-master levels of coding for the past few days. One of those sessions I’ll probably never forget. You can really make 10 hours go by quickly when you’re locked in. I did that a couple of times back-to-back.

Turns out it’s just a really big task.

image of a cake

Top 5: Other Things “Coming Soon” to the Column

5. Humor

I dove through some of my back catalog of Columns. There are some real clunkers in there. From meaningless drivel to surface-level takes on what I thought were semi-intellectual topics back in the day, not great. But there are also some good jokes in there. I used to try to be funnier on here than I have been lately. Feels really good to re-discover something you wrote that you still think is funny.

Maybe I’ll start putting humor in here again.

4. Some Formatting Fixes for Old Posts

A year back or so I went through Columns 1 through 120 and cleaned up the formatting. Sometime I’ll find a good show to watch and finish the remaining 255 Columns that are so much less ‘clean’ from an admin/organization perspective. The link for Column 120 is literally just ‘/120’. But, as of right now, that doesn’t work for 121 through 375. Plus all sorts of other things are wrong with them.

This will also include a very slightly improved tag scheme. Did you know these posts are tagged? Yeah, they aren’t useful.

3. The Panethon of Good Columns

As part of the great formatting fix, I was re-reading pretty much everything. Decided to make note of some Columns that were actually good. I’ll post a “best of” list at some point.

2. Some Gillespedia Articles

I said I wasn’t going to do Gillespedia articles any more… but I’ve stumbled across more topics I want to use “writing an article” as an excuse to learn about.

1. Good Vibes & Shorter Posts

Life’s been going pretty well lately. I’m optimistic.


Added more to this project. Watched Fight Club w/ D&AJ. My first Nightly Review, 4/22/2013

  1. I thought it was version 10. Turns out I’m on version 12. “Major” version ~8, depending on how you’re counting, and complete & total re-write number 4.