#43 - No Nexus 4 Yet & If I had a Free Year

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Motto: Nobody’s perfect… I guess this extends to corporations, too.

Google launched their new Nexus lineup on Tuesday. They went on sale 25 minutes before they were supposed to… and by the time they were ACTAULLY supposed to be on sale, they were literally SOLD OUT of the Nexus 4. I took an extra early lunch to make sure I’d be able to order one. I got there 10 minutes before they were supposed to start selling. It was already too late. I didn’t get one. Their Play Store was decimated by thousands and thousands of people trying to get their order in. My attempts were all futile. I’m just trying to give you my money, Google, why must you make it so difficult!


Not all was a loss, though. I was able to order a new Nexus 7 to replace my current Nexus 7. Why do that? I have hookups for a great rate on my phone bill. The Nexus 7 I have coming in the mail will be able to hook into that plan, whereas the one I have right now doesn’t offer that capability. I won’t have two tablets, by the way. I have a plan for the first one. It’s pretty genius.

Speaking of the Nexus 7 I already have; it got the update to Android 4.2 last night. This brings it all the new features of Android 4.2 that aren’t camera-related. I am a HUGE fan of all the new features. I also have notice several small UI changes throughout the system that make it more polished overall. It’s smarter. It’s matured. It’s perfection.

I can remove the “.blogspot” from my blog’s URL for $10/year. Doing so would also give me the option to have a cool “me@aarongilly.com” email address to use for whatever purpose. I will probably do that at some point down the road.

A while back, my best friend asked “If you had a year to go do whatever you wanted, and at the end of that year things would go back to the way they were before, what would you do with it? After the year was over, you couldn’t keep anything you acquired other than knowledge, skills, and memories. Let’s assume money isn’t a factor, but that is not to say you have infinite money.” It is a great question. I thought I’d share with the general internet a majorly shortened version of my answer:

I would break my year down into six 2-month sections. During each of these sections, I would move to an entirely different part of the country/world and embrace an entirely different way of life. I would live in California, own all Apple products and try to make my name in the movie industry. I would live in Alaska, with nobody around for miles, and read books and whatnot. I would live alone, with a few buddies, and in 6 very different style domiciles. I would try out all the technological ecosystems available, one per section. I would basically take a very interesting 2 months out of the life of another version of the person I could have been, had circumstances have been different. During this whole process I would keep a very detailed diary. Afterwards, I would change take all the things I liked from each of the six experiences and pull them together to live out the rest of my life as a well balanced hybrid of systems and ways of living, each thoroughly tested for 2 months. I would take my diary and my newfound knowledge and I would write a book about my experience. That’s what I would do.

That’s my answer. You should think about how you would answer that question. It’s a good mental exercise, if nothing else.

Top 5: Things that annoy me that really shouldn’t

  1. When people walk on their toes. It makes them look like they are constantly falling forward. They look out of control and it makes me uneasy.
  2. When people chew loudly and/or with their mouth open.
  3. When something that could easily be neat, isn’t. Example: a wadded up cable that has a cable tie on it. Why not use the tie? It’s so much neater.
  5. When I make a reference to a popular movie and nobody gets it. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

Bonus thing I just thought of: When people write in all caps.


“This song is called ‘I am sad, I am so very, very sad’“** Crash, from Crash and the Boys (from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)

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