#40 - Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

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Motto: It's all good (except the bad stuff).

Today I learned that Android was born on the 5th of November. That means exactly five years ago today, someone small with big ambitions set out to overthrow those currently in power. Not unlike another story that's been told somewhere in history...

On an unrelated note: I do not like Autotune. Whoever created autotune should be slapped for contributing so effectively to the end of music. Allowing talentless people to pass themselves off as "artists". It's weak. You know, they say "where there's a will, there's a way", and that's true. "The way" used to be "practice for hours and days and weeks and months and years and then you might get good". Now, "the way" is just to put your crappy voice into a special metal box that poops it out on the other side sounding like this garbage, then feel good about yourself. We've lowered the bar far enough that anyone can become famous!



I got to see some of my old residents this weekend. Sometimes I miss being their RA. Then I remember my swanky new place and the job with the money and I feel better. Still, it would be nice having minions again.

Before that, I did yoga as part of a group lead by an instructor. It was the first time I'd done yoga with an instructor. I did it Saturday morning, 47 hours ago, to be exact. I'm still sore, 47 hours later. I respected chicks who do yoga before, but I respect them even more now.

I really love "Fall Back" daylight savings' time. It's amazing how the extra hour of sleep can make such a huge difference. I actually got up to work out this morning. Also, on an semi-related note, I woke up on my own at 5:59 this morning. My alarm goes off at 6:00. It's weird when that happens.

Going to keep this short. Got work to do in 10 minutes.

Top 5: Categories from the Demetri List, by how well I've done in them since I started (each category has had a total possible score of 105 points so far)
5. 45 - Care for Others
3. 35 - Care for Your Body
3. 35 - Care for Your Mind
2. 34 - Do what You Do Well
1. 33 - Manage Your Life

I had no idea those were so close until I put this top 5 together. Weird.

"I don't do my serious singing voice for people because it sounds like I think I'm good, but I'm not"
    - Lia Palazzolo -