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I’ve been doing a lot of under-the-hood work on this website lately. Learning how to push the buttons and twist the knobs just right. I finally feel some actual control over how to make things go. For more on that - see the Top 5.

Consumer Technology Products & Use Case Matrix

Picking up on a concept I wrote about several years back, I wanted to come up with a list of all the things I’d consider doing on a computer or computer-like device, and map those back to how well they are handled by the various devices available today.

A table I drew

Looking at that, what sticks out to me is that the traditional computer is still the best option for the most things. But, if you’re looking for one device that does literally everything, the iPad has become a very solid contendor.

Really, the “ultimate device” is probably technically a Surface. You get access to desktop software, the portability, and you cover the drawing use case. I suspect, though, that the user experience with a Surface is just… lacking. I’ve never owned one, though. People who do own them seem to like them. I’m sure I’m wrong. But it feels like desktop crammed into the form factor of a tablet - and the UI and general Operating System were only lightly tweaked with that experience in mind.

What’s Changed in 6 Years

In 2014, in post #199 (referenced & linked above), I included a few other categories: ultrabooks, “phablets”, MP3 Players, E-Readers, small tablets, wearables, game consoles, and streaming boxes.

It’s funny how some of these things have completely gone the way of the Dodo (MP3 Players and the entire concept of the “Phablet” as being distinct from the phone), and some of these things have changed almost none (the Chromecast is the exact same, the top-of-the-line gaming consoles then are still currently the top-of-the-line consoles).

Other News

Both family cats have now decided they want to be lap cats. This has caused much drama between them. The bigger one didn’t used to be interested. Now he is. It’s frustrating because he sucks at being a lap cat. I wrote this as he pushed his head against the keyboard.

Top 5: Recent Enhancements to

  1. This post was posted. I think that 392 posts is a much more “enhanced” number than 391 posts.
  2. The root page/home screen/whatever you want to call it is updated & prettier.
  3. My About page is updated.
  4. Gillespedia now has proper categories.
  5. Introducing the Creation-of-the-Week (CotW) Page!


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