This Column exists mostly as a test of the new mail letter. Thanks to Google Plus shuttering its doors and my recent switch of hosting platform, I didn’t really have a good way to automatically share new posts (outside of the RSS feed button for your favorite RSS feed reader). For my reader, I wanted to make sure you were well-accommodated.

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I changed the “email me” link on the sidebar (or in the header under the “follow” button on mobile).

In Other Site News

I am working on a long-ish post to end up the year. That’s not this. Most of what I want to say is going to be in that.

I’m working to improve my writing process. I don’t mean “make the writing better”; I gave up on that a long time ago. I mean “make it easier”. I’d like to make it easier to include drawings into these.

Bad doodle

Top 5: Goals for the Holiday Break

  1. Exercise. Like, at least once.
  2. Watch a movie or two.
  3. Make memories with the fam.
  4. Give the best gifts and win Christmas. IN YOUR FACE FAMILY.
  5. Write & post my next post.


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- Dalton, whom I should thank for inspiring me to make one. Thanks Dalton.