#341 - Aaron Explains Income Tax

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Taxes are needlessly confusing. At least that's how I always found them to be. Some relatively simple jargon like "deductible" kept me from understanding what's really a pretty basic concept. Here's what almost 30 year old Aaron wishes he could send back in time 10 years to almost 20 year old Aaron.

Top 10: Favorite TV Comedies... Updated from #302
10. Family Guy
9. King of the Hill
8. Last Week Tonight
7. Futurama
6. Parks and Rec
5. Scrubs
4. The Office
3. Arrested Development
2. Community

1. Rick and Morty

"Hold your poop in so it goes up... science."
- Jon -

"The meat sweats are basically my normal sweats."
- Jon -

"I got some vodka! I ain't worried."
- Jon -

"Can you guys please wait until the song is over?"

- Derek, who was listening to Rebecca Black's "Friday" out loud at work, to some coworkers who started talking nearby -