#336 - Memes & Pictures and Previews

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Motto: Shooter McGavin was in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation

I haven't written much lately cause I've been busy.

I rewatched Thor: Ragnarok. I think it needs bumped up even higher in my MCU ranking. Previously it was at the top of my "Upper" tier - it's been reranked to middle of the "Elite" tier, passing Spiderman: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy. Thor's response to all this:

Next post will certainly be a retrospective of the Life Tracker - as my 5 Year Anniversary of tracking happens in two weeks. I have a preview of that post right here:

The post after that will be me screaming for an entire post about how good Avengers: Infinity War was. I have a preview of that post right here:

A post in the not too distant future will be me like this:

A post after that one will be more like this:

I guess what I'm saying in this post is that most of what I have to say I'm not ready to say yet.

Top 5: Things That Make Me Hip
5. I bought these fancy lad shoes

4. I bought these fancy lad socks

3. I am reading an honest-to-goodness comic book

2. I went to a Local Coffee shop in the well known hip town of Lawrence

1. I Watched Old Timey Cartoons at that Local Coffee Shop

- Dalton -

"If you're eating Ruffles and not using dip you might as well be eating Lays, dude. You're wasting the added structural integrity of the ruffle"
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