#33 - One Week of Work

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Motto: I sat in the theater of Looper with a camera. I looked at myself in the camera and watched myself watching myself watch myself watch Looper.

Life is too awesome - and I’m seriously worried about that.

Things just don’t go this awesomely for extended periods of time. The last time I can remember being so happy for an extended period of time I wound up with a permanently messed-up back despite the fact I did nothing to it. I spent the next year getting out of that funk.

Being this happy, having this much to be happy about, I know it just gives me a long way to fall if something were to happen.

The pessimist in me wrote that portion of the column. He’s now going to go lay down and read A Million Little Pieces by James Frey and weep and wallow in a pit of despair.

Alright this column is getting too weird.

I have worked for one full week now at my new job. My first “Big boy job”. And I must say, I really do feel like a big boy. I live in my own place in the big city. I am making money doing something I actually want to be doing. Just to ere on the side of caution, I won’t say where I work by name - I’ll just say this: it is a technically focused job in the communications industry. I like my boss a lot. I like my coworkers. I have even liked the generic training type stuff I’ve done so far.

I bought “The Avengers”. There was honestly no chance of me NOT buying “The Avengers”. Amazon had (has?) a deal to get the Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Copy for $20. Oh, and you get the 3D Blu-Ray and a compendium of songs randomly thrown together that have nothing to do with the movie, but who cares about those. Just to recap what I said 29 columns ago: The Avengers was IS awesome. To watch The Avengers I checked out the theater room of my apartment building:

I didn’t know this picture was taken.

Melissa speaks for the both of us… and everyone else that showed up later. I watched Looper with Melissa for $10. It was AWESOME. That’s all I have to say. Just to recap:

I like being an adult.

I like my place.

I like my job.

Things are awesome.


Top 5: Good things to happen for me lately

  1. 1 person has asked me if I’ve been working out. Why yes, more than one person, I have been. I have a goal.

  2. I saw my girlfriend. If you, the reader, had forgotten, she’s quite attractive.
  3. My apartment complex has AWESOME amenities. Three days ago, I was swimming in a heated pool on the 15th floor of a highrise, overlooking downtown Kansas City, celebrating with a group of great friends. Then there was that Avengers thing…
  4. Everyone who has seen my place has had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to it. It turned out way better even than I anticipated and I am psyched to call it home for the next year or more.
  5. I started my career off at what seems like it’s going to be a great place to work, gaining experience doing what I want to do with my life.


“You people are so petty… and tiny” Thor