#326 - Not a Good One

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I don't like this post. You should skip it. I'm not saying this to intrigue you into reading further. This Column was supposed to be about something. Then it turned into me writing about me writing, which I'm exacerbating by talking about it right now. 


I really liked my previous post. It's in my top 5. It actually is.

Thanks to the way I started this Column, I just read through dozens of my old posts. Sometimes I make myself laugh. Other times I make myself cringe. I wonder if and when I'll stop writing like I know better than people. Maybe that's the nature of writing your current opinions on the things you're currently thinking about.

I didn't continue writing after that. Here I am a few days later, I went back even further into the archive Column. All the way back to #150. It's a little disheartening seeing stuff I wrote about 3 years ago that I have since forgotten about. Goals that died. Well-stated opinions or personal mottos that I've since forgotten about. Well summarized topics that I later revisited, demonstrating what seems like a regression in aptitude or attitude. Literal instances of things I've already done that I have very recently thought, "it would be a fun thought experiment to do (this thing)". I found a Top 15 Life Pro Tips... I've been writing a "Life Pro Tips" Google Keep note so I could write a Column about it.

Bro you already did that.
Bro you should move on.
Bro, don't call yourself bro.

It's not all bad, though. I have written some things that weren't total crap. This is total crap. OH GOD THIS IS TOTAL CRAP.


Blade Runner: 2049 was a thoroughly entertaining movie. It continued entertaining me hours after I left the theater. Makes you think. Thinking is a good thing.

My 30 Day Challenge for last month was supposed to be "monotasking", but really it turned into nothing. This month the Challenge is "no passive entertainment", but really it's turned into "monotasking". God I write about 30 Day Challenges too much. I write about goals and projects too much. I have two whole posts that are basically just "here are the projects I'd like to do someday". They're basically copies of one another. Worse yet, every second post includes some form of "HEY HERE'S A THING I'VE DECIDED I AM DOING. LOOK AT ME!"

My corporate social sports sand volleyball team got first place in our division. So that's cool. There was a Star Wars trailer that looked good?

Good God. Next one will be better I hope.

Actual video of me writing this:

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"I have writer's block. And I had high expectations."
- Me -