#320 - My 28th Year

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Motto: 365 Out of 31536000 Seconds Last Year

Let's get right to it.

I've been doing that for 5 full years now. It would take 40+ minutes to watch all 5 of those videos. I don't recommend it.

I don't see any reason to stop now.

Top 5: People Most Heavily Featured in My 28th Year (by Count)
10. Laromy
9. My dad
8. My mom
7. Jon
6. Nick G
5. Nick B
4. Krista
3. Danielle (just barely edging out K for #3)
2. Myself
1. Melissa

"You should see his Eeyore routine. 'Why did you guys leave me?' You know when lunch is. 11 o'clock, every time. We WILL leave every man behind. We got stuff to do."
- Chuck -