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A motto: Tomato

It has been a while.

Have you ever been too busy living life to live life? I have been seizing the crap out of the day, every day. Since I last wrote, I've gone golfing, different golfing, bowling, bike riding, watching baseball, building a brick walkway, playing volleyball, playing different volleyball, practicing basketball, playing bocce ball, playing lawn games, playing group videogames, playing pool, playing different pool, going shooting, shooting yourself in the face, and watching both movies and show finales with friends. My patented Aaron projects have all fallen by the wayside. They require time and boredom. I've been blessed enough not to have much of either to spare.

About that "shooting yourself in the face" bit. I had a bad ricochet while shooting some steel. It turned out alright:

And now I get to say for the rest of my life I survived getting shot in the face.

More than all of that - I got to eat delicious delicious Chuy's. They are opening up a Chuy's Tex-Mex restaurant 3.8 miles from my house. That's not even "as the crow flies", that's the length of the drive it takes to get from here to there. If you don't know what I'm talking about - Chuy's is Melissa and my mutual favorite place to eat. Our first couple vacation was to Austin, TX almost exactly 5 years ago - we ate at Chuy's 3 times in the 4 days we were there. We also went to IKEA twice.

Now there's a Chuy's 3.8 miles from my house... and an IKEA 13.5 miles. Also I'm married to beautiful girl went on that vacation with. Life has worked out.

Tomorrow I will have tracked 1500 days in the Life Tracker. I'm celebrating by doing nothing new or exciting.

June's 30 Day Challenge - Bullet Journaling. Also I'm going to make a conscious effort to eat more, life more, and be all-around huge.

I had some other stuff to write about. It's all slipping my mind at the moment... and I'm tired. I think I'll go now and try to remember it by dreaming about it.

Here's the picture to go out on:

Top 5: Constants in Math/Physics (Here's the Column #314 tie-in) Ranked by How Much I've Memorized Them
5. Euler's number = 2.something... maybe 2.14? Just looked it up. Nope. 2.718
4. Speed of Light = 3x10^9 (it's actually 2.99something, but it's real close to 3)
3. Universal Gravitational Constant = 6.7x10^-11
2. The Golden Number = 1.6180339
1. Pi = 3.14152653589793238462643380279502884

"Damnit! I can't color!"
- Krista -

"I drank six in a day and I was fine. Then I felt a really intense pain in my hear for about a solid minute. Then it went away and I was fine again - so I'm assuming I'm not invincible and will never die."

- Maso -