#31 - Kansas City

1 minute read

Motto: Movin on up.

Since the last update I moved to Kansas City. Since I moved to Kansas City I’ve spent an inordinate amount of money on rent and furnishings and other general life stuff that I’ve never had to worry about until I (finally) got my own place. Example: Silverware drawer organizer. Anyways, I’m sitting here on my new chaise sofa, drinking from my old water bottle, writing a new column on my old laptop, watching a new movie on my old TV.

I like living here. I like living on my own. I have learned a lot already. It’s going to be awesome.

I start my job Monday. So, I’m a bit nervous for that. Money, however, I’m not nervous about. I was literally down to zero money to my name, so I’m excited to get that situation fixed.

Rather than droning on forever like normal, I’m going to end it here with a picture of this cute kid I happen to be the uncle of:

Top 5: Perks of having your own place

  1. I can keep it as clean or dirty as I want (it’s very clean)
  2. I can sleep anywhere I want (I usually choose the bed)
  3. I can set it up however I want (this is here for consistency)
  4. I can watch whatever stupid movies I want (currently, Hot Shots: Part Deux)
  5. Pants are entirely optional (I never wear any)


**“I like your place!” ** Mom, Dad, Danielle, Priya, and kind of Melissa