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Motto: Think Outside the Box, but Color Inside the Lines

The title of this post is not a reference to the Super Bowl. I didn't watch it. I have heard how it went, but I was too busy learning how to ski and spending the better part of my 3 hours on the slope flat on my back. The title of this post is a reference to the progress my aforementioned back has made since the end of January. It was really bugging me, as I mentioned in my previous post. In that post I didn't convey my real thoughts about how chronic pain sucks and how it affects you very well. It's the worst. It's a constant reminder that your body is limited, your time here is limited, the experiences you will have on this earth are limited by both of those factors. Rather than continue down that depressing path, I'll just say that I'm back to feeling good again! Anti-inflammatories work like a charm. As much as I hate relying on a prescription to be normal - I'd rather be on one and feeling normal than off one and gimping all over the place.

Is "gimp" an offensive term in 2017?

Anyway, my "Life Tracker" metrics have made MASSIVE improvements since my back started feeling better. I have already worked out more in February than I did in all of January. My macro ratios are back on track. Productivity is up. Everything has been going really well. It felt good enough to ski the other day. My back held up pretty well considering I spent 2 of the 3 hours we were out on the slope laying flat on it. Sometimes being 6'9" is hard.

I found out something pretty cool just now. Two of my drawings from my previous post show up in searches on Google Photos I make for the people depicted in the drawing. That is to say - I did a good enough job that Google facial recognition software realized who I was drawing. 

Columns used to be shorter. They've grown over time. I'm going to make this a throwback by stopping right in the middle of th

Top 5: Favorite Movie Quotes (a.k.a. "Quotes from My Favorite Movies")
5. "'Go for it' 'You can do it'? That's not inspirational, that's suicidal. If Pickles goes for it right there, that's a dead cat. "
4. "That's my secret... I'm always angry."
3. "Name one thing you'll need a rope for."
1. "You met me at a very strange time in my life."

Bonus Points* if you can name all 5 of those movies.

"I suddenly wish I had a cold pack for my knee and my butt."
- Melissa -

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