#302 - The Bones of a Column

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Motto: Hey Google, tell me about my day

I'm just going to post this as is - everything in italics is how my Posts start, before I fill them out with words.

Google Home. It's really really cool and shows a lot of potential. My wife was originally pretty skeptical, but she's come around on it quickly.

Black Mirror is a crazy, messed up, wonderful show. The Entire History of you is a perfect example episode - take a conceptual future, which is conceivably possible within my lifetime (and, realistically, I think very close to the direction we're heading) and show how or why we need to be responsible with it - because technology enables us to do so many great things while giving us a long enough rope to tie into a noose. Also how it explores the themes of constantly dwelling in the past or otherwise not being in the moment. About how you can sit and stew on something for forever, rather than dealing with it moving on with your life. Talk about the Google Home listening to each episode, too.

Life is good.

Facts vs. Truth & the editorialization of fact-based reporting by those with agendas. Talk about Ken Bone and how he's not perfect, but how he is not deserving of the skewering he got immediately following his surge of popularity. This isn't at all my only opinions on the subject, but it's a decent representation that's not tied politics (which I will always stay away from on this blog).

That's what the Column looks like before I flesh it out. Oh and here's a photo:

The word was "Crackers".

Top 10: Favorite TV Comedies
10. Family Guy
9. King of the Hill
8. The Colbert Report - this one would be much closer to #1 if it were still running
7. Saturday Night Live
6. Arrested Development
5. Futurama
4. Parks and Rec
3. Scrubs
2. Community
1. The Office - this is partially only at #1 because my wife would be mad if it weren't

"Smith Machine. So it doesn't count as real."
- Michael -

"I am where I am today mostly because of my position on leaves."
- Chuck -