#300 - Short & Sweet

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I've written 300 of these. That's a round number which seems significant. It's not, though. If humans had 12 fingers instead of 10, I'd likely be telling you this is post number "12C".

That's a hexidecimal joke. Base 16, y'all.

It's glorious outside right now. I'm probably going to go on a bike ride soon to take advantage of this wonderful fall weather.

Pokemon Go is dying. I feel like conscious choices made by the developers of the application are to blame for their drop in player numbers. I still play, but likely will quit once show starts falling unless Niantic changes their minds about things.

Today it occurred to me that, while I've taken a TON of data on myself by way of the Life Tracker, I had never really done any correlations between anything other than day of week, month of year, and against a simple list of day tags. Never before had I stopped to think "how does my sleep correlate to my eating?" See the Top 5(s) for some results.

Having a home gym is awesome. I set a squat PR earlier today... in my underwear. It was great.

October marks the start of my annual quest to "eat as much as possible and gain more weight". So far, I've done terribly. Food is not something I resort to out of boredom. Even if it were, I haven't been bored much in October. I haven't been bored much in the past year or two, really. Being married, owning a house, being employed, and having friends all come together to make life pretty darn good.

No complaints.

I'm going to end this Column now. I am deleting a large rant about Pokemon Go and replacing it with a much shorter paragraph (which you've already read - I write these posts in a non-linear fashion) about general disappointment with the game.

Picture to go out on - we like each other.

Top 5: Correlated Data Points in the Life Tracker that Make Sense
5. My data is less complete the longer I wait to enter it (entry delay vs completeness: CC = -0.576)
4. I spend more money when I eat more overall (expense vs total caloric intake: CC = 0.118)
3. I feel better physically when I workout more (exercise frequency vs how I feel physically: CC = 0.298)
2. I eat less overall if I eat a higher amount of protein (total caloric intake vs percent protein: CC = -0.206)
1. I feel better mentally when I feel better physically (how I feel mentally vs how I feel physically: CC = 0.330)

Top 5: Correlated Data Points in the Life Tracker that make No Sense

5. I sleep less when I eat more (sleep duration vs total caloric intake: CC = -0.208
4. The more I workout the more money I spend (exercise frequency vs expense: CC = 0.196)
3. I feel worse mentally when I workout more (exercise frequency vs how I feel mentally: CC = -0.150)
2. I feel worse mentally when I eat more fats (how I feel mentally vs percent fat: CC = -0.136
1. In general - the almost complete lack of correlation between sleep duration and anything else (other than food).

"You play Pokemon? You ARE a special kind of loser!"
- Andrew -